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Assassin's creed unity - Game Play

Started by Data, June 22, 2014, 14:50:05 PM

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It's about time we had another AC game, wont be long now.

Yes I will be getting it  :D


Looks good. I like the evolution of the game play and you can see the similarities in WatchDogs.
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Yeah amazing graphics. One to look out for  8)


We will be able to multiply in this game too, even better  :)



Now I'm really hoping it lives up to the hype.

I will be waiting until the game has been out a good while before I grab it, might be wise to hang on for the first patch, after the Watch Dogs fiasco.

But I've got to get it at some point  :D


Yeah I was thinking it might be a fiasco with uShite again.

Really have to find some time for WD still, just have been busy on other things and not feeling like playing a game atm.


The game has been out just over a week now and I see some bad reviews on amazon, same old thing really, bugs that haven't been fixed on release.

If you have half an hour to spend then here is the beginning of the single player game, couldn't find a PC version, here it is on the Xbox.


Steam has this game @ 50% discount, I grabbed a copy.

The game is extremely GPU hungry and I struggled to get a good frame rate, done a few tweaks and had to install the latest drivers for me graphics card, have the game playable now.

Enjoying it   8)

Screenshots will probably come later.

Oh and the download was 50 GIG  :o


First screenshot from what looks like a broken Paris.