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Assassins Creed 4

Started by Data, October 23, 2013, 00:17:12 AM

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As I'm posting this the game will be released in a months time, it's going to probably be the first next gen game I play, now watchdogs has been put back :(

Watched a few vids explaining the new next gen tweaks, better lighting and more goodies in the environment.

Interestingly the minimum spec CPU is an old style quad core Q8400 and recommended is a 2.6GHz i5.

Here is a vid, very long but does explain some of the next gen tweaks.

(Could be a spoiler, don't watch too much of it)


This game was released on the PC a couple of days ago, haven't got it yet, £39.99 on Steam right now, think I'm gona hold fire for a discount.

Some gameplay on the PC maxed out settings:


I'm a lucky lad, Santa got me this game.  :D

Screenshots to follow.


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Well well, I'm having some problems with this game, it has graphics settings that I've never seen before, must be something to do with next gen gaming engine, need to do some looking into it.

The problem I have is that the game is only using one CPU core which is causing a bottleneck and holding back the graphics card which only running at about 60%, this is causing a maximum framerate of around 20 which is unplayable to me.  :(


I got this game working a lot better now.

The problem was the DVD install, it wasn't updating to the latest patch, I had to delete the game and download it through Ubisoft, it was 23GIG, has to be one of the biggest installs I have seen for a game so far.

Here is the first screenshot without a pirate in sight.

And here are a couple of vids showing the difference between platforms.


Glad you got it worked out. :) Looks like fun. :D
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Thanks Dave, yeah it is fun and I have started to notice the next gen graphics and physics.

Rainbows can appear near water falls, if viewed from the right place.

The whole weather system is very impressive, you can see the bad weather clouds approaching, the fog roles in, the wind starts to blow, you can see the direction of the wind from the way the trees and foliage blows around.

Then there is the impact physics engine which might actually be one of the most impressive bits I have seen in a game, when two objects touch they don't go through each other anymore they impact and move out the way, flags waving in the wind, walking through foliage, clothing on characters.

There is also an improvement in the Ai of the people and animals walking around, for example, cats see people coming, watch them walk past, if the cat thinks they look OK they will approach the person for petting.

Draw distance is also very impressive, I can't help but think them old consoles where holding games back.

Then there is the quality of detail on objects and shadows I can put it right up to "very high" quality and shadows on my old HD4890, so you guys could too. 

Next Gen is here people, check it out some day, when you have had enough of old Skool  :P


glad you got it sorted out as well, 23gigs :O no wonder your seeing such great graphics and game a.i interactivity  :D


I got stung by this game  :(

Got up to 16% completion and got a bad game save and have been put back to 0% ..  gutted  :headbang:

Thank You Ubisoft ... very well done   :sign-yeah-right:


ACK! :o Not good!

This is a good example of why it's important to "leap-frog" your saves (when possible). That way, you have a backup to fall back on.

Of course, if there's no way to manually save under multiple save names, then this method isn't even possible, but...
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