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F1 2011 Developer Diary - Release Date

Started by Data, May 07, 2011, 16:23:21 PM

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The release date for "F1 2011 the game" has been announced by Codemasters.

         23rd September 2011

You can already pre-order the game, for the Xbox 360, the PlayStation and PC, though at the moment I can't find it for the PC on Amazon.

         F1 2011 The Game On Amazon

Codemasters have started a competition offering gamers the chance to be some of the first in the world to play F1 2011 ahead of its release.

There isn't much content available, that I can find, on the web about this game right now "7th May", which seems a little strange when you consider its release really isn't that far away.
Lets hope they have enough time to beta test it sufficiently.

This YouTube link will point to "F1 2011 developer diary", one to keep an eye on.

         F1 2011 Developer Diary YouTube


Here it is, the first Developer Diary video for F1 2011 (the game).



Here are some more videos of F1 2011. 



I had to do it, have pre ordered this game on Steam, got the 10% discount and the game is downloading as I type this.

Apparently it will unlock on the 23rd, just 2 days to go. :yahoo: :driving: 



Im loving this game, many improvements over F1 2010, I could go on about how good it is but instead I will post my best achievement so far. 

Fastest in the world at Silverstone in the wet on the global leader board.  :tongue2:  :yahoo:


Thanks Freddy  :)

Here is a vid I made of the game for anyone that might be interested. It goes up to 1080  :thumbsup:


Um... You do realize, don't you, that you were going backwards around the course, right? :P
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What ever, did you enjoy that Data mate, that's all that count's. :flag: :driving: :woot: :yahoo: :party-time: :sign-great-job:
It WILL be fine !...


* Dave, it's a street circuit. The arrows on the road are for the day traffic.

* Data, you do realise you'd be black flagged for the way you take that dodgy chicane. Not to mention being in the wall if it was a real car.

Looking like a cool game. Not sure about the new style racing line with the 3D bits but I suppose you can always turn it off.
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I think Dave was joking about the direction I was going  :LOL:

So Snowy I would have been black flagged for going over a kerb?
Hmm not sure about that mate, kerbs are a legal part of the race track, so use them, and you can in this game.  :P

@ the racing line. In the game you have the option of a 2D or 3D racing line, or none its up to you.

You should get this game Snowy, a huge improvement over the last one but I tell you what, it really keeps you bizzy, KERS and DRS buttons on top of what we had in F1 2010.  :driving:


Quote from: Data on May 07, 2011, 16:23:21 PM
Lets hope they have enough time to beta test it sufficiently.

Well it would seem that Codemasters are up to their old tricks again and have released a game that is full of bugs on all platforms.

Quite unbelievable how they think they can get away with it, the community aren't going to forget it, we were stung with a game that was buggy has hell with F1 2010, did they learn their lesson and release a playable game with F1 2011?

Simple answer no.   

Here is a link to the F1 2011 - Tech & Game Support forum, if you've got this game you are going to need it.