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F1 2012 the game

Started by Data, July 22, 2012, 15:03:26 PM

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Yup the new F1 game for 2012 is well on its way, with the new USA track, updated physics and better dynamic weather.

Check out the review from inside sim racing, it's a long video, about 29 mins with some adverts chucked in for good measure.

Yes I will probably get this game.

Here is hoping for a bug free experience, that would be most satisfying indeed.

       You can now pre order F1 2012 from Amazon


3 laps of the new Circuit of the Americas track to help learn it or just enjoy.


Loving F1 2012, it's more challenging than the last two F1 games, now on legendary skill level you have to have a perfect setup and be in one of the top teams to even come close to winning, one of the problems with the other games were they were too easy, the Ai has made a leap forward which the makers were going on about in their vids but I didn't believe it until I played it.

Loading times have improved too, now loads a lot quicker on the PC.

Graphics are a bit nicer, the reflections are very realistic and the whole game seems to be just a little closer to real life in appearance.

But the best bit for me so far is the lack of bugs, I haven't encountered any yet.

Over all the best F1 game to date.

Thanks Santa  :)