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Flight Simulator

Started by GT40, December 13, 2014, 13:45:56 PM

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Yes! After Apple devices, the Flight Simulator app is now available for Windows 8!

Ok, not free but at least it exists. For touchscreens only. Named Fly Wings.

I have a lot of FlySim CDs/DVDs for XP with many problems in... Windows 8.1.

For now, just testing the thing. :)


I read this and was expecting something like this...

:D :thumbsup:
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Ok the perfect plane. Too complicated. :thumbsup:


Oops no manual, no written instructions! The rules of the old versions don't work with a tactile screen. At least the arrow keys can control the ailerons and elevators (the rudder is tactile). We must try to discover the rest all by ourselves.

Interesting and funny but I'm not sure it would be really safe to pilot a real plane with such a software... :o


Now what we can see when we tap the screen:

the "joystick" (I prefer the arrow keys),

the rudder (I rarely use it in the air, like in F1 simulations, the gearbox is always automatic, I know I'm lazy, but hey it's a GAME 8)),

the throttle control, the flaps, the choice of different views (very nice),

the five essential instruments, a "break" button (brakes?), a little map (disappointing).

Still learning. Good look but I'm afraid I prefer the XP version of my (very) old laptop. :(


I've been trying to find a video of the app in action but I can't.  :(


(sorry, no vid in the cockpit)


Thanks GT  :)

It looks quite realistic, I hope the gameplay lives up to the graphics, from what you said about the game it might struggle. 


Yes, very nice promo vids. But I'm afraid the cockpit views are the same in a Cessna and a Boeing.

Not a full program, just an online app. I guess we will never find a CD of FS for Windows 8. The one for Windows 7 is the last one (IMHO).

At least with my modest machine, the graphics are correct (for me). Enough to have the feeling I'm true pilot!


Finally I tested different planes. With the Learjet, the result is not too bad.


Sorry, my personal touch  of nostagia. :'(


In the past, I used an open source flight sim called FlightGear. It's been a while (and a couple of version, I would assume) since I looked at it, but at the time I thought is was every bit as good as M$'s FS9, not to mention being free. You can find it at
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Many thanks for the link. For me FS belongs to MY love story with computers. On my vintage Atari 800XL, I still had a cartridge of FS (hello Wichita airport!).

When I bought a true PC in 1993 (a poor 486 SX 25!), FS was very basic, but no need to see beautiful landscapes to learn how to pilot a plane. I remember flying between the Twin Towers and under the Golden Gate Bridge. Great memories...

Times have changed but the dream continues. :thumbsup:


This was my first flight simulator. Yes there really are some features in the landscape, they're the white bits  :LOL: