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Started by Art, July 13, 2020, 20:09:27 PM

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For you die-hard gamers, Do you have a preference in consoles between the PS4 (Pro) vs the Xbox One-X?
Would you please list your likes/dislikes or reasoning behind your choice.

Yes, I know the PS5 and Xbox One Series X are due to be released toward the end of this year but what's your preference now? or would you choose to wait for the new upgrades?

Thanks!! I have lots of grandkids!!
(and I have me too!!) ;)


Hi Art, good to hear from you  :)

I think you might be asking the wrong people here, we tend to do all our gaming on the good old PC, I have never even owned a console.

I do know this:

There are fan boys for both PlayStation and Xbox, as for the hardware there doesn't seem to be much in it these days, they both have similar specs, the final choice might come down to the games, some games are only available on one or the other console.

Sorry I can't be any more help.


I've had both and don't really have a favourite, they both have good points.

I have an XBox One X and I admire it. Main thing for me was to stop chasing PC upgrades all the time to play new games and spend less on a console that would play the blockbusters well and with more certainty that it would work. Of course games on consoles these days still do get updates - but compared to the PC you don't have to dig around the nether regions of some obscure GPU settings or hacks to get things to work when you run into trouble.

Selling point on the XBox One X for me is that it can do 4K and on my large 4K TV it looks great  8)

It will also play UHD discs (4K movies) - although I have not bought any yet - it's nice for future proofing though as they will likely come down in price as time goes on.

I would wait until the end of the year to see what the new stuff brings. For me I am happy to keep on with what I have a while yet I think.


Thanks for the input, gentlemen! (and I use that term rather loosely!)  :LOL:


I remember playing the latest games. I mainly play on my phone these days. Still have a PS3 but rarely use it. Had a chipped PS1 so I guess I'm more a Sony fan than M$.
Exclusive games would be the crux for me. Are you a Gran Turismo or Forza fan.

"I cannot remember the books I've read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


If we were to get a bit technical then it's worth pointing out that the soon to be released consoles are going to be fully AMD based machines and very high specs for the price, there is going to be quite a large leap in performance over the previous gen.

To build a PC of the same specs would cost at least double, the games tend to be considerably cheaper to by on the PC though.

Interestingly this video popped up on YouTube for me today, again a bit technical but some good info in there.



Nice post! I enjoyed that video and may just try to get one for myself since there are so many really great games available and coming!
Being kind of stuck at home and retired, it's a win-win for me and the Mrs. enjoys some gaming although most of hers is on her phone...and she has Facebook with all her friends, etc. (I do not partake, thank you).  :LOL:

Just for the sake of some of their original games, I'm kind of leaning toward the PS? to be determined.


Well people, After I considered and paid a very reasonable price to a gentleman on eBay for a barely used (like new) PS4-Pro with a 2 TB installed hard drive, New DualShock controller and 4 very nice games (not a scratch on any disc at all), I am now the delighted owner of a very cool console.

I am not about fighting the ever clammoring, maddening crowd of got-to-have-it-now adopters.

This 4-pro will serve me quite well until I am planted for fertilizer.

Knowing that I was looking for a PS4-Pro and searching for a good price, I found a couple of games that really appealed to me. One of which is an exceptionally well done, Open World filled with all kinds of quests and interactions with both friend and foe. I am slowly but surely coming to grips (pun accepted) with this new controller. I have lived my entire computer gaming life using only the mouse and Keyboard and became very adept at using them. Jump, spin, shoot, etc.

Now this new controller has what seems to be far too many buttons to be practical but after "dying" many, many (I'm talking a LOT) many times before I finally figured out which buttons did what, I am slowly winning more battles than I am losing! Muscle and mental memory kicking in.

My friend told me, "Well, you learned to play the guitar didn't you?" Think of this guitar as another instrument that you need to learn how to play!"

Sage advice for sure...I am learning.

For the money I am having a great time, in spite of my age!! YEEHAW!!! :thumbsup: :D


Well done Art  8)

I always think gaming keeps you young, tests the hand to eye coordination in ways that only gaming can  :thumbsup: 


I've also learned (am learning) that this Open World is not a typical "Linear" game, that is start here, kill everything that moves (or try to) and finish up here at the end! NOPE! Not going to happen!

In many instances, I find that I must retrace my steps to perform yet another task or "favor" for someone and in doing so, I can gain additional rewards or monetary goods or services, better ranking or leveling, etc.

I'm sure many of you already knew this but being new to this console and the new gaming market (for me), it's not another DOOM, or Heretic, Wolfenstein, etc. kind of game.

The scenery alone is amazing with things moving, tree leaves, tall grasses, day slowly becoming night, weather conditions, rain falling, making the ground and slopes wet and slippery, streams making noise as the water flows over various rocks, fires, smoke, etc...
Sometimes I just want to wander around a look at everything and briefly forget that I am in a game and about to be attacked by some maurader or beast!!

Yes, for me, it has been a long time and I'm glad I got back into gaming once again. The graphics and FPS have come such a long way that I could never be satisfied to go back to just my computer, keyboard and mouse...but that's just me. I also feel that with this new controller, I can do so many tasks that I could never be able to do as easily or quickly as I can on this console. I am happily exploring the universe!!

Cheers mates!! Enjoy the journey!! :thumbsup:


You can't get better than an Open World game, all my favourites are   :thumbsup:

Sounds like you are experiencing the "do what you want go where you want" gameplay  8)

From your description I would guess that you are playing Skyrim, am are correct ?


My guess is Skyrim too.

Glad you are enjoying yourself Art  8) :thumbsup:


You both are on the right track but my good friend is playing that one and he is retired and single and loves the game on his PS4! He sometimes plays for 7 or more hours (with a few breaks in between).
I am currently playing an open world space adventure that is (no, I'm not going to use that cliche, Out of this world), but it is called The Outer Worlds. It's a great game IMHO, and while it might not have been the best for a beginner to learn on, I am getting the hang of things pretty well. (yes...dying is a part of the learning process for sure).

I do have a worthy companion who helps me in battle and sometimes offers advice or comment when needed. There are no "you have to do things this way or you have to go here first." Go and Do as you will but one does have some goals in mind to complete the level on each planet in the system. Warring factions, marauders, beasts of all kinds, evil business owners and some nice, helpful people too. It's definitely a strange world but I am enjoying the challenge quite nicely!

There is no hurry for me to complete the game as this is not a race of any kind but rather to get all of the potential enjoyment from it as I complete each quest and explore a bit.

Some have said that it can take 100 hours or more to complete if anyone's counting while others bragged about running through the game in under 20 hours. (What's the point of having purchased such a lovely, challenging game than to fly through it just for bragging rights? Who cares?!).

Oh well...we do what we will each their own.



 The Outer Worlds is in my whish list on Steam, I read some great reviews about the game, no doubt I will get it at some point.

I would totally agree that you shouldn't rush through games like this, take your time and find out all the extra bits of info and gameplay they have hidden in there.

Hey! I spent 415 hours in Skyrim and a whopping 1950 hours in Fallout 4  :o

The fun is in the gameplay 8)


Glad to hear that Data!! I'm with you!

Eye candy can be so addicting!! :thumbsup: