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GTA4 no more missions possible bug fix.

Started by Data, September 20, 2010, 12:33:47 PM

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Have you got the no more missions bug in GTA4? If you have I might have found a fix, it worked for me.

Firstly load GTA4 and check your stats, do you have the Bernie missions showing? If like me you didn't have then do this.

Get a car and drive to Ivy Drive south, you should see a mission chevron waiting for you, outside the front door to Bernie's house. Just drive into or walk into the chevron and the mission should trigger as normal and fix the bug.

For some reason the mission doesn't show on the map but the mission is still there. Once you have completed the mission "Hating the Haters" your game should start working as normal and start showing missions on the map again.


Thanks mate, if I ever get close to finishing it I will remember this  8)


Got a little up-date for this:

Most of the time the bug is a mission not showing on the map and it can be caused by a number of missions, not only the Bernie ones.

Here is a link to all the missions, it might be an idea to go and check which ones you haven't done, it could help you track down the problem.


Thanks I may go back to it at some point. I'm hooked on Lord of the Rings at the moment though, it's a bit more sociable being multi player too.