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Guild Wars 2

Started by Freddy, September 22, 2012, 19:58:55 PM

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So I finally caved in and bought a new game, Guild Wars 2.  It's a MMORPG - Massively Multi Player Online Roll Playing Game.

I played GW1 years back and really enjoyed it.  The great thing about this one is that there is no subscription fee, you pay once and play for free.  I've only played it a few hours but I think I am going to really like it.  It has a nice feel to it and it's great to figure out the details in a new game like this.

The graphics are pretty cool, as good as anything about at the moment I think - I'll grab some screen shots later and post them.

Of course my first character had to be a hot female ranger, I like ranged (bow and arrow) characters a lot and she looks pretty cute  8)

Here's a rather long video I found, after the cut scene just skip to the action...


Freddy my friend, not for me but you enjoy to your hearts content.  :thumbsup:
It WILL be fine !...


Yes they are not for everyone and thanks I will I think  :D


Looks great Freddy, if a little chaotic, I think you are going to have hours and hours of fun with it.

Will be nice to see how your lovely graphics card deals with it too, looking forward to a screen shot.

Also I agree that when you get a new game some of the most fun you have is working out all the controls and what to do to get better at the game play,

Ahhhh! gaming heaven 8)


I used to play the original GW, and I still have it installed, though it's been forever since I've played it. It's strange, but the video left me cold for some reason, and my interest level in the game dropped a lot, as a result. If I had the funds to buy the game, I'm not sure at this point if I would.
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Congrats on a new game, may you have a bunch of fun playing it.
Not a bad choice in game either. If I did not get wow for free, I probably would buy gw2 :)


Yes Data very chaotic lol - I managed to kill a few things but don't ask me how.  I haven't even got to the graphics settings yet, I've spent most of my time exploring the wonderfully designed major city there.  The NPCs there all interact and talk to each other, more so than any RPG I have played yet - certainly adds to the realism.

Dave, I'm not sure how like GW this is I will let you know.  I probably could have found a better video, maybe I will make one myself.

Syber, I have never played WoW, that passed me by, but yep I couldn't afford another sub each month so this fits in nicely. to explore some more  :D


Took all afternoon to explore the city, biggest city I have seen  8)

There's a few screen shots in the gallery in the games section  ;D


Some nice screenshots there Freddy, I like the way the graphics have a kind of dreamy, misty look to them, sort of cosy and warm is the best way I can describe it, whatever it is, I like it  :)


Yes I know what you mean - like in the city scape, they add in some mistiness there and it works really well.


Nice screen shots, Thanks. The game artists spent some time on detail there, Kinda makes me want to play :)