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Kayla playing Black Adder.

Started by Freddy, December 05, 2011, 21:30:08 PM

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This is my favourite character I have on Lord of the Rings Online.  Here she is playing us a tune  :D

Sorry about the slight noise artefacts, not sure why that is...


She is sweet, and plays a great tune too, I'm not hearing any bad sound this end.



Sounds fine here too.


Made me smile. Cool.
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Thank you  :D

There's all kinds of instruments you can learn to play - I'm hoping to get a minstrel to teach her the bagpipes  ;D

So far she knows the lute and the clarinet.


The instrument sounds like midi, is it?

Just a thought, a better sound card would sound better, more realistic if it is midi, not that there's anything wrong with how it sounds :).


It's something called ABC notation :

There's a few sites about that cater to songs especially for Lotro, that's how I got the Black Adder tune.  Some people are clever enough to make them and some tunes sound better than others.  My understanding of music doesn't go much further than the 'play' button...

You can get midi to abc converters too.

A dedicated sound card is still on my list of things to buy. :)

Another cool thing is that you can synchronise with other players, so you can form a  band.  I've never done this myself but it is great fun to watch and listen to.


All sounds interesting, I've never heard of ABC notation, you would have thought I would have after using midi from about the age of 18. After reading the wiki I think ABC triggers instrument sounds on the sound card just like midi so yes a better sound card would be more realistic but probably not quite true to life.

Graphics card first though for you me thinks ;)


Agreed. You can play a game with the sound off. Can't say the same for the monitor, though. :P
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