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Lost Horizon

Started by Data, November 13, 2010, 14:29:47 PM

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Just got another game "Lost Horizon" it's a slow moving point and click type game, solving puzzles, what grabbed me was you play as Fenton Paddock, he's a cad, a ladies man, it made me chuckle when I played the Demo.

Downloaded the demo and the game from Steam.

Thought it was about time for a slower moving game, give the heart and blood pressure a break  ;D


Have finished this game, a bit sad really it was fun and funny in places.

I really liked the puzzles too, they were tricky but not impossible like other games I've played, no need to cheat with the walkthrough.

Will probably play it again in 6 months.


DO you think this would be a good game for my Mum ?  She's 70.  It sounds like it might be alright.


LOL Freddy, I know im getting old  :D

I should think it would be ok for her, its not really that hard to play and it is a slow moving game, "take as long as you want" kind of play, you don't ever get killed either.

Having said that I have played quite a few games like this and you get used to how they play, it might take a while to get to grips with, but yeah I think it would be ok.

Oh! it doesn't need a particularly fast PC either, just needs a dirext x 9 card, low to middle spec. 

You could get the demo, it goes on for quite a long time and would give you a better idea, maybe.


Haha, sorry I wasn't making fun !  I play some of my Mum's games a lot, like the Jewel Quest games and things like that.  I know she won't like Medal of Honour (!?) but things like this seem to me to appeal to a lot of people regardless of age.

It's just an idea for a Christmas present.   ;D

I will see about getting the demo then.  I'd like to get it on CD-Rom really as it's less hassle for her then.

Thanks mate :)