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Newbie at Steam

Started by GT40, April 30, 2015, 12:39:52 PM

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I notice that my Steam folder is very heavy (16.5 GB!), Wow something like several DVDs!

But I only have one active game (FSX) and deleted the rest. I don't understand.

Does it mean that FSX is a stand-alone program on my PC and I can play without an internet connection to Steam? Before that, I thought that all the datas were located on the server.

If not, to me (horrible egoist) Steam isn't interesting. :(


Only 16.5 GIG ?

According to the Steam Microsoft Flight Simulator page the game requires 30 GIG of hard drive space.

So yes you need to have all your Steam games on your hard drive.

I know you don't play games these days GT but most modern games need something like 20 GIG drive space. 


Many thanks Data. I'm lucky, my Steam with FSX runs on a 32 GB memory card...

No more games, I'm not a gamer. :D


Strange, very strange Steam... Today I can connect with My W7 netbook (first time).

No real interest because Flight Simulator requires a 1024x768 display (mine is 1024x600 only).

That's why I continue to use my Windows 8.1 netbook (1366x768). No problem for now.

Maybe it would be a good idea to buy, one day or another, a true computer. After Windows 10? :scratch-head:


After loading Steam on my basic W8.1 machine, I did the same thing on my W7 netbook.

As expected, FSX can't work on it (the resolution problem) but... at least I discovered Lara Croft. Nearly 20 years later.

I'm late for everything. One day or another, I'm afraid I will discover the social networks. ;)


Look up Tomb Raider anniversary edition - I got it a few weeks ago, takes some time to master the controls though.

The original Tomb Raiders can be found on Steam too, ideal for a low spec PC.


Yes, Freddy. The TombRaider I found on Steam works on my modest netbook.

I remember, many years ago, an article saying that this game was a pretext for husbands to watch a sexy girl while "working" on their computer.

No doubt I prefer Second Life. But SL isn't on Steam. Because SL isn't a game. And I'm not a gamer. :D




Yeah it is strange that SL isn't on Steam, after all Steam has all kinds of software to offer, not just games.


Hmm, SL not a game ? I wonder why on the SL home page they say "Play Now" then  :D ;)