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Quake 1

Started by Data, June 29, 2010, 22:41:26 PM

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Had to post this find, this was the game to play at the time, Quake One


  Don't know how anyone stays alive when I play I'm dead fairly soon, Not my kind of game, haven't played much lately because the dog gets scared because of the shooting and explosions.


How dated does that look for a FPS but oh what memories.

I used keyboard only for Doom, this was the first game I used keyboard and mouse and have never looked back.
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Ralph Waldo Emerson


It takes practice Carl  :) but if its not your kind of game then I know what you mean.

It was the same here Snowcrash, Q1 was the first game I used keyboard and mouse with, how we played with just the keyboard im not sure but I remember it being much harder then.

Been talking about old games and how they play in Windows 7 with a guy on the Ai Dreams forum, that got me thinking what is the oldest 3D game I have and does it run in Win 7.

Quake 1 was released June 22, 1996 which makes it the oldest game I have and guess what it still runs today in Windows 7 64bit, I had to make a video of it, here it is, Quake 1 playing in hi res in Windows 7 and better then I have ever seen it.


I used to like Unreal but I think that came out after Quake.


I never played the original Unreal, looked it up on the Wiki, your right it was a couple of years after Quake, May 1998 it says.

Did play Unreal Tournament but that was around the same time as Quake 3 and still am playing Quake Live.

Good Game, Good Game  8)