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Quake live

Started by Xero, April 16, 2010, 00:02:00 AM

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I play Quake Live, its free, the graphics are silky, runs great on my computer and its not a particularly fast one. Very fast moving multiplayer shooter, can be addictive, my wife will vouch for that.


Look interesting.  I used to play Half Life years ago, looks similar.


I play it too, actually im a little embarrassed about it, yes I probably have played it to much but I got up to 58th in the world for accuracy  :o

I play it as TomBones and have played Quake ever since Quake 1 came out and that was on my old Pentium 1 133.

Xero fancy a game ?  8)


58th in world ?  Impressive  :o 8)


Yes 58th Freddy and there are thousands playing it, that stat has probably gone now but I had to take a screenshot for evidence.

I should point out that its for accuracy and not overall rankings, so some of it comes down to how you play the game and not wasting shots that you know will not hit the opponent.


Been trying to find a quality video to show off Quake Live, this is the best I found, it's a bit dark this one.


LOL not likely, I'm probably not in your tier anyway, but thanks for the offer. That video is showing someone playing who is quite good at the game, better than me.   :'(