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Royal Mail's new gaming stamps

Started by Freddy, February 14, 2020, 19:21:52 PM

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These were released recently, last week I think. I will probably order a set at some point.

There's a set of classic game stamps featuring things like Elite, Lemmings, Populus and Wipeout.

In addition there is a miniature sheet featuring four Tomb Raider stamps.

More here:


Oh that's nice to see, there must be some gamers working at Royal Mail  8)


Interesting they put out those stamps, sounds like the government if it will generate money print it.


These kinds of things are called commemorative stamps, it's been going on for decades. A lot of it is aimed at the collector. People will still be aiming to get them used in period though.

Royal Mail was privatised a few years back, got nothing to do with the government, but yes it's obviously a way of making some money.


Well over here I've heard of places that sell stamps where you can have a pic put on the stamp, they must have a deal with the post office so the mail will be delivered since that is the reason to put a stamp on.  Made for special occasions I'd guess like weddings ect


Yes, I have seen various countries that offer personalised stamps. They were doing it here in the UK, but I just checked and that service has been withdrawn.

It's not really an area that interests me with regard to collecting, but anything that gets people interested I think is a good thing for the hobby.