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Say goodbye to gaming machines ?

Started by Freddy, September 22, 2011, 17:24:10 PM

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Cloud gaming service 'OnLive' has finally launched in the UK. The way you buy and play games may never be the same again. Seriously...
Cloud gaming means that you don't physically own the games you play – you don't even need a high-end PC or fancy console to play them on. Instead, players become subscribers who merely control the action, while all the processing takes place on powerful remote servers. Access to games is practically instant, and all user inputs are effectively streamed back in near real-time.

In Full :

Sorry, Legion for pinching your job  ;D


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Got to say I'm not a fan of cloud gaming, for a few reasons but the main one would have to be the lack of mods, to me that's what PC games are all about making mods and modifying the games.

And what about the massive amount of computer power that's going to be needed in the cloud to render everyone who's playing games in 1080 HD, its going to need its own power station isn't it?  :scratch-head:


Yep I would think they would need a supercomputer or something to do all that too.  The reporter said there was no lag, but what about when thousands of people are online and not just a handful of reviewers ?

But I see the good side; cheaper gaming.  An end (if you chose to) spending hundreds of pounds each year for the newest kit and coughing up forty quid for the latest title.  In the past I have spent over a hundred quid just to buy the hardware to play a certain game. Kind of silly really.

I am still happy in Middle Earth at the moment though, for some reason I am not drawn to many new releases.  I hope I am not coming down with something  :o