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Sherlock Holmes the devil's daughter

Started by Data, March 23, 2016, 16:32:11 PM

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Well, considering that many parts of London are historically UN-pretty, that would seem to be expected.
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Yes agreed - the game is doing it's best to keep London historically accurate.

Here is another screenshot from inside the club house at the bowling green.


Simply stunning. I only have one nit to pick, in that the oil lamp (at least I assume it's an oil lamp, as I don't believe that electricity was commonly available in that era, and gas lamps weren't of the table-top variety then, either) is a little too bright, and a tad too 'blue'. Beyond that it's a great image.
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You make a valid point Dave  :)

The game has been given a new dynamic lighting, it works very well in some places but might have the odd side effect here and there.

To be honest though I didn't notice the blue in the gas lights with my colour blindness, now you say it's there, I think I can see it.     


Finished this game now, It did feel like it finished too quick, only got 28 hours out of it.

Was good in places, the graphics, game play, didn't crash once either but it left me wanting more.


Some would argue that a good performance (play, game, movie, what have you) should always leave you wanting more. :P The trick is in making sure it's not too much more. :D
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Well yeah, I have to agree with that Dave "keep them wanting more".

However I got around 40 hours out of the other SH game and still wanted more. Just a shame it finished so quick this time.


The Holmes series is on sale at Steam as I write - you probably have them all Data ?


I've played them all yes  ;D

I noticed that everything on my Steam wishlist is on offer, too much choice now, bloody Steam ...  :LOL: