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The perfect computer game.

Started by Data, May 09, 2012, 17:13:57 PM

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I was thinking how some games are very good at some things but not so in others.

So what would make the perfect game if we could take some aspects from some games and others from others?

For me it would be something like this, my top 10. 

     1.   A vast open map to explore at your own pace.

     2.   A level up system, the more you play the higher level of skills etc you acquire and the way you play affects your character and what you become better skilled at.   

     3.   None linear game play, do the missions in no particular order.

     4.   Face capture technology on the characters, as in L.A noire.

     5.    Character movements from Assassins Creed.

     6.   A mixture of puzzle type missions and weapon missions.

     7.    Stelf and/or full on attacking options.

     8.   The game must have a money system to buy things.

     9.   The game must never end, even when you have completed the last mission you can still return to the world and do things. 

     10.   And of course Stunning Graphics.

Ahh! Heaven  :D 



Those ones are accomplished by LOTRO.

The one's that are not :

4.  Yes would be very nice, I was playing the beta of Tera lately and it has some great character modifications.

5. Animation is good enough and very entertaining, but you walk through a lot of things.  I have to say this does not really impact game play but it would be nice.

10. It's a matter of taste.  The graphics in LOTRO are nice, but AC is nicer.   Of course I always want to see the boundaries pushed.

I can let those misses go though when you factor in the social side of an MMO... for me these days I like playing alongside other real people.  Single players leave me feeling lonely.  And you can't show off. :)


LOTRO graphics look pretty good to me, if I'm honest it's the monthly fee that puts me off, that should have been my number 11. 

     11. One off payment to buy the game.

I like the setting or world in LOTRO, that could be the next.

     12. The games world shouldn't be too suburban or anything gang warfare related, it should have beautiful mountains, hills, green fields, nice places to be. (rules out GTA  ;D)


LOTRO is free to play now, has been for a long time.  You do get benefits from paying a subscription though, but it is by no means a requirement.


Yeah but I'm a bit of a gamer, I would want those extra benefits  :P

I have thought about playing it, but had to rule it out. :(  

Anyway Freddy it's time you checked out that stonking new graphics card of yours and the super load times of the SSD with a new game or two.  IMHO     :sign-evil-laugh:      ;)



must be able to:

different power ups for gear and avatar

different world maps

and most important plenty of add-ons and mods


Syber...just play LOTRO know you want to  :P

Or like I said Tera is very nice but that's a subs game.

Consider Guild Wars 2 instead... one time purchase, then free to play.

Data, yes I should pick up some cool game, don't know what though.  Turned out that the 'free' game of Dirt3 had a use by date, and since that was before I actually bought it.... harumph.

A nice space game maybe - something like Eve Online...hmmm


I might some day, This might get me thrown in the sin bin but here goes, lately I have not had time to game  :'( To busy in my spare available time working on my website, and setting up and connecting social networks for it. All work and no play I know I know SHAME ON ME :D

I would like to give EVE online a try, been wanting to do that for a while.


Mass Effect 3 is a good space game, ticks about 3 quarters of the boxes , unfortunately it does come to an end and give you your life back, maybe not such a bad idea  :-\

Has an Ai twist that you might really enjoy Freddy. I know I did. In ME3 Edi, the Ai gets a body.

There is also a Free Demo of the game with about an hour gameplay.


Is ME3 the one that everyone said had a bad ending ?  I think it's still worth a look.

I feel like saying that I spend far less money on games these days, the subs ones work out cheaper in the long run for me.  I might pay £30-40 for the newest PC game but it only lasts me three months or so until I am bored or I have completed it.  With LOTRO I have new content released and the game is so big there is always something to do.  That's my experience anyway of the past couple of years.

Going back to life is worth noting though.  I was playing a lot, but I didn't feel much like it when I got ill.  In fact I found it nice to have a break from it all, it can get very addictive.


Yes it's the one that loads of people have said has a bad ending, I don't agree with that though, the problem is that it ends, you take a long time getting everything you need for the final battle, depending on how well you have played the game and the choices you make in the game will alter the ending.

Whenever games end like that it's such an anticlimax, especially when the game play is so immersing, well thought out and fun. That's how I see it.

I probably do spend more money on games than if I was playing LOTRO, I admit  :-[

Top tip, run Steam and check it (especially at the week ends) for the bargains, I have picked up some pretty good ones for under £10.

EDIT, if you do run Steam make sure to install it to your SSD on the second "no windows" drive.