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The Testament of Sherlock Holmes 2012

Started by Data, September 25, 2012, 11:19:27 AM

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I got a new game today The Testament of Sherlock Holmes 2012, have played all the Sherlock games and thay are great, this one looks like its not going to let us down.

Looking forward most of all to roaming Victorian London

Screenshots to come later


looks like fun, will be watching out for those screen shots. Enjoy the new game :)


Yes, the game is lots of fun if a little hard in places, you really need to have your thinking cap on to play it, or cheat using the walkthrough.

Some really nice graphics in the game too, I have done some screenshots and removed the HUD, I think they will make some nice wallpapers.

Here is the first:


walkthrough I always thought ruined the gaming experience, until I needed to use one for a game a while back.

screenshot graphics seems okay, maybe it is just because it is a classroom that throws it off. I do remember having desks like that in pre-school :)

Thanks for the screenshot, but I don't think I will use this as a desktop image due to not so fond memories of those pre-school days.


I've been using walkthroughs more and more recently, in some of the games now you just seem to need them to be able to do all the quests, well I do hehe, I find they can help me not miss anything in a quest and finish them as close to 100% as I can. It's kind of becoming part of the gameplay. What's this a new game? where is the walkthrough  :D

Sorry you didn't like the screenshot Syber, if I had known it was going to bring back some memories that you would have rather not remembered I wouldn't have posted.

Got a few other "nice this time" screenshots to come in a day or three.


No worries there my friend Data, no need to apologize. I was just stating I would not use it for a desktop background, with an explanation as of why not that's all.

QuoteGot a few other "nice this time" screenshots to come in a day or three.
Thanks for the news, will be waiting patiently  ;D


Very nice graphics indeed, great screen shot  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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