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Tomb Raider - First Impressions

Started by DaveMorton, March 11, 2013, 22:43:26 PM

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While waiting on the remaining parts for the computer to arrive, I decided to check out one of the new games I got as a bonus for buying the vid cards, and that game was Tomb Raider.

First off, I have to admit here that I'm not the gamer that I used to be, and because of that, I'm used to the quality of graphics that you see in Unreal Tournament GOTY Edition, which is to say far from today's standards. So when I saw the opening credits (just the credits, mind you, not the initial cut scene), I was impressed. Then I get an eyefull of the first cut scene...

OH! MY! GAWD!!!!! :o

To say I was blown away is so much an understatement that it's like... like... Well, there's just no way to even give an accurate analogy. Sure, I've seen the YouTube videos from Witcher, and Assassin's Creed, and those were truly phenomenal, relative to my previous experiences, but compare those videos to Unreal Tournament, and that's the difference I saw between the Tomb Raider cut scene and the Assassin's Creed vids. It was just THAT good! I think I'm slipping away, back to the "dark side" of gaming... But I don't think I want to be saved. :D
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<< jealous, I would like to try TombRaider as said on skype earlier to ya. got any screen shots????


Not yet. Probably won't for a day or two. I'm still working on the network cable, installing the BlueRay and card readers, and getting the computer back in operation.

I got the power cables and DVI/HDMI cables run on the monitor sides, though, so there's SOME progress. :)
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Wow! it's better than AC3 and the Witcher ? got to check that out

Ok it's got a more curvy bits, will give it that.  ;D


That looks nice, been a while since I played Tomb Raider and I have Amazon Vouchers  ;D


Nice to see the game has level ups, I played one of the first Tomb Raider games and that was just a "get from A to B" type game, this one seems to have more depth to the gameplay.

How long until it falls into the bargain bin on Steam I wonder  ;)


The game does indeed look really good, might actually have to start a steam account once the new pc is built and buy the game. Will have to see what the budget is like at the time though.