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War Thunder MMO

Started by Freddy, March 14, 2013, 21:20:47 PM

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Anyone think it would be good to get something like this to play this game ?

Or would a normal controller be okay (which I have).


Nice bit of kit, good price too, but for me it has to be a joypad these days, the little thumb joystick is all I need. But some people do prefer full size.

The game is looking good, some places the graphics look very nice indeed.


Yeah I think I will give it a go.  I bet flight sims look great on 3 screens  :D


Got to tell you Freddy, Flight Sim looks great on my single Acer screen, it would look truly awesome on three I should think, plus this is one of my favourite games.  :thumbsup:

That Bi-Plane Free up-grade is a bit of a maggot to fly for me but it does hold together well in a crash, trust me, I know.  :LOL:

It WILL be fine !...


Hehe, yeah I would need a tough plane  :o

I'll try these out then, with my joypad first.  It's at least ten years since I last played a flight sim.

I think we should all download the beta and shoot each other.  :P


I think you should be on Steam too Freddy, all your buddies are there, talking about you  :D


I'm downloading this now, just got enough SSD space for it.

It's not exactly my type of game but will give it a shot.


Cool, will try and get around to downloading it tomorrow.  :)


Wow, they still make the cyborg joystick. Not a bad bit of kit.

They come into their own for flight sims. The MS one used to be really good but they stopped making it. I still have one though.
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Download is slow right now, might be in by tomorrow at this rate ...


I still play IL-2 Sturmovik occasionally that was always fun and I have to admit I am not a joypad person i've hated them since they came into being, give me a nice joystick every time.

In my case it may just to be that I learned on the atari 2600 and never moved on though......... :D
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I see what you mean Data, flicking between 0.6 and 1.6 Mb here, could take up to an hour and a bit.  >:D
It WILL be fine !...


Finally took 1.40 Hr, up and running though, could be fun this.  :thumbsup:
It WILL be fine !...


Looks like I need to hone my skills with a game pad, either that or stop the ground coming up so fast, I wonder if there is a setting for that.  :scratch-head:
It WILL be fine !...