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Watch Dogs

Started by Freddy, February 25, 2013, 13:42:15 PM

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Thinking of taking the leap with the DVD version - I imagine downloading it on launch day will take forever.


Steam servers are normally up to the job when a new release comes out and if you get it on Steam you will be downloading come midnight, no need to sit by the letter box  :LOL:

I think I will get it on Steam, almost run out of space in my house to put the DVD boxes  :D and I really like the way Steam keeps the games together.

Glad you are thinking of getting it Freddy  :)


I think I will go for the DVD version still. It's £5.00 cheaper than on Steam. It's at least 30GB and that will take probably half a day to download on my connection. Mail comes at about 8 AM. I'm not one to fret about getting it quickly, but I do get tired of long downloads.


OK that's been ordered from Amazon. Might even go down in price, well here's hoping  8)


Well done Freddy   :thumbsup:

I have just taken the plunge

Watch Dogs is in my Steam game library  :yahoo:


Nice, I will have someone to play with  8)


Yeah, it's going to be a hoot  :D, Snowy has it on order too  8)


I'm away on holiday to the lake district from the 24th until the 1st. Will be back to play after then.

"I cannot remember the books I've read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Have fun, Snowy, and catch a few fish for me. :)
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Watch Dogs is downloading from Steam as I post this.  8)

27 mins remaining.


Download complete, took 32 minutes in total.

The game will unlock to play at midnight.


13.6GB doesn't seem a lot.

Anyway, good to see. Mine should be here tomorrow morning, I will install and patch if needed, but probably wont play till the afternoon some time. Don't get too far ahead  :D

I'm excited to see what my graphics card can do - this is my first next gen game  8)


The game is playing really well on my i5 with the R9 270, what was that about needing an i7  :scratch-head:

Up to 11% gameplay and have just got my apartment.

The controls are a little tricky at first, if you are familiar with Assassins Creed then it shouldn't be a problem but if you are new to this type of game play it might take a while.


So I'm in single player mode but I keep getting hacked by other players, what is that all about ?

This vid explains some.


So a brace of questions regarding this bit of gameplay:

1.) Are there any downsides to being "hacked" while in single player?
2.) I noticed that the goal of this mode is to hack, but not kill, the chosen player. Is it possible to be killed in this way?
3.) If you ~CAN~ be killed by the individual hacking you, will that screw up your single player game at all?
4.) Doesn't this open up (re:killing, of course) a whole new form of griefing people?
5.) Is there any way to shut this off?

Ok, more than a couple of questions, but... :)
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