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Watch Dogs

Started by Freddy, February 25, 2013, 13:42:15 PM

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Quote from: DaveMorton on May 29, 2014, 15:06:39 PM
So a brace of questions regarding this bit of gameplay:

1.) Are there any downsides to being "hacked" while in single player?
2.) I noticed that the goal of this mode is to hack, but not kill, the chosen player. Is it possible to be killed in this way?
3.) If you ~CAN~ be killed by the individual hacking you, will that screw up your single player game at all?
4.) Doesn't this open up (re:killing, of course) a whole new form of griefing people?
5.) Is there any way to shut this off?

Ok, more than a couple of questions, but... :)

I will attempt to answer the questions Dave :)

1. Yes there is a downside to being hacked successfully, you lose some of your notoriety and notoriety is a kind of score that ranks you in world.

2. You can't be killed by the hacker, but if you are being hacked then one way to stop it is to kill the naughty hacker. (It's only a game though, he will come back to life)

3. I think 2 answers 3 but I will just add that notoriety doesn't seem to affect single player mode.

4. I don't think it could be classed as griefing for a number of reason but the main one is that the game will choose who you hack, you can't really pick on anyone.

5. Yes I have found that you can shut it off but then you lose all your notoriety that you might have got in racing for example, I have chosen to leave it on.

I will just add this, you only seem to get a hack attempt when you are free roaming in world, if you are on a mission then you don't get hacked.

Hope that helps  :)


The evil side of my personality is a bit sad now, but the (larger) good side is telling the evil side to stuff it and grow up (with no small amount of satisfaction, I might add). :)
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It is possible that I might have some of that wrong, so don't quote me on it but I think it's correct.

Don't grow up too much Dave and leave me behind  ;D


Found out a little more.

Some things you do in single player game can take your phones firewall down, it is when your firewall is down that you can get hacked by other players.

Starting to make sense now.


So it seems that the game punishes a lack of vigilance. I whole-heartedly approve! :thumbsup:
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Just got home. Not played yet but found this helpful YT vid...

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Thought this was interesting too, tests have been done with the i5 and i7, would you believe it they are identical FPS.


Cool, now I don't regret not getting the i7  :D


Yeah I think we can feel smug Freddy, the i5 is the CPU of choice for gamers, put the saved £100 into the graphics card.  :thumbsup:

On another note I have been trying to not post any negative comments about Watch Dogs but I have not been able to play the game for over a week now, I am suffering from the 90% loading screen bug which completely breaks the game. Still waiting for a patch from Ubisoft.

Here is a nearly 300 page thread about the problem.



I suppose a reinstall is out of the question? :scratch-head:
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Everything has been tried by the gaming community, you name it they have tried it. The game needs to be patched.


I picked a few posts at the beginning of the thread, and the last 2 pages worth, and you can plainly see that the natives are getting restless. So sorry that you're experiencing this, Data. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be. :(
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