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A groundhog in my yard.

Started by, April 26, 2015, 17:04:59 PM

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A groundhog in my yard.

It climbs up the steps.

At the top of the steps it goes on the lookout.

Then it climbs back down the steps.

Next the groundhog runs over to the shed.

Then it stops before walking home.

A tap on my window sends it down into its burrow.

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Don't get many groundhogs where I live. 

It moves around a bit like a squirrel.

In casual terms for the sake of having a chat...
It looks like a squirrel without a big bushy tail,
except a groundhog is many times larger.

If you put a groundhog on a scale, it would take
quite a few squirrels to balance it, hypothetically

Another difference is that their hands and feet are
large with long fingers for digging purposes.  It seems
to be smarter than a squirrel too, with its big head...
It may have a bigger brain, I think.

My Very Enormous Monster Just Stopped Using Nine

Recently got a bit more footage, of the groundhog,
closer up this time.

And also, a rare sighting, in broad daylight, of another
wild animal in my yard.

The plan is to make a sequel to the first video.
So please stay tuned.
My Very Enormous Monster Just Stopped Using Nine

Sad news...  Seems my neighbor may have trapped the groundhog in my yard and relocated it.
Can't blame my neighbor really, the groundhog built its burrow under the foundation of the
garage on my neighbor's property.  This could cause expensive property damage.

Turns out that Groundhog in my yard was a mother of about seven baby groundhogs born in April.  
They must have grown hungry without mommy around.  So, the cute little babies dug their way out
of their burrow, (which my neighbor filled in with a shovel) to look for food.  So they found
plenty of grass and plants to eat.  At least the babies are eating good.  

The problem is there are predators around. Like the cat I saw today passing through my yard which caught an adult squirrel right in front of my eyes.  There was a struggle for a few seconds! Then the squirrel barely managed to escape. Running like a bullet to a nearby tree for safety.  I hope it wasn't
wounded badly by the cat.

Before that I found a dead bird with its chest ripped open.  Without being mean to the cat, I gently
frightened it off, so it wouldn't hunt the babies. But, it is only a matter of time before it will be back.

Bottom line, these baby Groundhogs may be in trouble.  And, as you'll see in my new video I am
trying to teach them to survive. However, the babies are so young and slow due to inexperience.  

That cat is an experienced hunter able to sneak up and catch a bird and a lightning fast squirrel.  
I don't want to see the babies end up like the that bird did... Nature can be so cruel sometimes.

Would anyone like to think this over carefully and maybe offer some advice?
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You could try local wild life people. In the UK we have things like Hedgehog rescues where you can take animals that might need to be relocated. You could see if you have something similar.

Looking forward to seeing the video though  :D


I think if it were me and I was worried I would contact the RSPCA.

Did a quick Google and discovered that the USA has something similar ASPCA.

All I can come up with right now, I thought Freddy had a good idea too.


  My cousin raises racing pigeons which I help with, the latest problem is hawks which is listed as an endangered species and has laws protecting it in this city.  I would guess the hawks would stop the wild pigeon population and rat population from growing to large.  Not long ago a smaller hawk was able to get into the pigeon coupe and killed 6 pigeons that just begun flying, when I arrived the next day the hawk was trapped inside with 6 dead pigeons  and a mess of feathers and blood.    To me it's just nature, instinctive behavior of animals and people.  Even in plants given the chance weeds will kill the grass if allowed to.  I will mention that my cousin has stopped filling the wild bird feeder which has stopped the number wild animals around.