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Started by Carl2, November 18, 2010, 00:02:07 AM

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  I've been inspired by the work duskrider has done with Sandy and wanted to do something with body_female from Haptek that I've been working with.

 The instructions are elsewhere anycan copy a link.

Repaired link. Link must go between close and open square brackets. Snowcrash


Very good.   Welcome to the world of movie producing. 



Pretty good for your first video Carl.

Boing boing  ;D

You could change the videos title on YouTube if you like, so instead of being called AutoScreenRecorder it could be called full body Haptek or something like that.


  Interesting little project and fun.  The phy file is modified giving the breasts different charactistics.  The background jpg is much harder to load than it is in the Hal window.  While trying to get more animations to load I began trying to use the AutoHap generator but still am having problems trying to understand it.
  The screen capture program I use can not record audio so there is no talk which is okay since audio from the computer generates body noise. Not sure why I work with her but for me the phy file is a large advancement that i like. 
  Thanks for the repaired link and kind words.