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A Chatbot Mind

Started by Freddy, July 26, 2017, 22:38:34 PM

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...well part of it.

I'm working on a character named Jess in my chatbot scripting language. This little video shows how the patterns are in her mind - just patterns starting with the letter W here. It shows the links between words used to get a response by the interpreter.

Not only, but also, ever wondered what a story looks like in 3D ? Well wonder no more. Here you can see what a couple of works by Poe look like when learnt by Jess - and also the W patterns in Jess' mind :

Use the mouse plus buttons and scroll wheel to navigate.


I saw something similar to this on TV a few days ago, I get a ruff idea of what is going on regarding the pattern links, it's very impressive to see that our Freddy has come up with something just as good, well I think so  :)

Good work Freddy  :thumbsup:


Thanks, I feel proper clever now  ;D

In some ways I am catching up to the big boys. Lately I find myself thinking of an idea, playing with it, sketching it out then coding it. Then a day or two later I find someone else did the same or similar thing. I tend to go off on these trips by myself as I enjoy the ride more than the destination, more often than not.

There is another little side alley to this which I may as well add here too. In that you can give her mind a starting word, and she will run with it, going down links and nodes until she has a sentence of her own devising. And they can be odd and's some of the highlights last night, which I liked.

  "the cushions velvet sinking i betook myself to linking"

  "the raven wandering from my loneliness unbroken and an echo murmured back the distant aidenn"

  "the placid bust above my heart i remember it was unbroken and my head at my hopes have flown before"

  "the fact is its answer little relevancy bore"

The first one where it actually rhymed really grabbed me. Those were created from the model of The Raven by Poe.