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Commodore 64 left outside for over a decade! Could it still work??

Started by Freddy, November 12, 2021, 13:45:18 PM

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Enjoyed this  ;D

I had an old faulty TV that was left outside for months on the roof (I was living in a big house in London). When Summer came around, we would go up to the roof. One day I wondered about the TV. So we got an extension lead and connected it. From a distance(!) we turned it on. It worked and was no longer faulty! All the rain and fresh air must have done something to help.




How is it still working  :scratch-head:

Electronics can be a lot more hardy than you would think.

Amazing, good vid  :thumbsup:


I guess that with the chips the metal is embedded in a slab so it does not corrode. Even corroded exposed lines should still have metal in their core (many years maybe less likely) - so he just needed to clean the connections on the necessary loose fit components.


And he now owns a working relic from the Digital Dinosaur age.

Third and Fourth world countries have far better computing power...

I still have a working Radio Shack Color Computer in my garage somewhere... :scratch-head:


Elon Musk learned to program on a Commodore 64 computer,  he wrote some programs and was able to sell them for a lot of money. From there he was able to invest money into other things.



Yes, I read Elon's early beginnings. He was driven by a passion to do better, make things better, and make money for himself.

Look where that nonsense got him!!  :o  :D