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Funny Classic videos (clips)

Started by Data, December 20, 2010, 13:10:21 PM

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Not much to say other than I think this guy rocks.

Go get'em Nigel


Great show. Unfortunately the concert hall seems quite empty.  ;D


You are right GT, the EU doesn't want to hear the UK's point of view any more so they left the debate.

We now stand alone in the world and attempt to point out all the incredibly stupid things they try to do, like banning Sherbet Lemons.

Classic  :LOL: 


As a follow on from The Ultimate Dog Tease, I've dug this out.

It WILL be fine !...


Thanks for posting this. The gorilla made me laugh, I needed that  :hats-off:


Don't think we have had any from this classic yet :


I never seen that one Freddy. It Looks very interesting, I will have to add that to my list of movies to watch  ;D


AAH Freddy, classic Peter Sellars. The man was a Comic Genius, many thanks for posting, maybe some Pink Panther later me thinks.  :LOL:
It WILL be fine !...


Yes I think this is Sellers at his finest, that bit where he loses control of his arm is so funnny  :LOL:

Syber, this is one to see...Sellers plus Stanley Kubrick - what a combination  8)

I think this is one of the best films ever made and shows just how powerful comedy can be when you want to say something serious.


Quotethat bit where he loses control of his arm is so funnny  lol
That part is hard for me to understand, for never seeing the movie. I do not know if he was actually loosing control do to nerves, or so use to saluting for Hitler and just pretending to hide it as a habdycap :)


I think it's a bit of both  :D  I think he is a man trying to escape the past and get on the winning side - with a bit of craziness thrown in.

I think it's quite possibly a dig at the way all those German scientists came to America to carry on working on rockets and other ways to kill us all.


Excellent film. 'Easily calculated with a compuuuter'

How about this film noir classic?

"I cannot remember the books I've read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Great film, had almost forgotten about that one, must watch it again  :thumbsup:


Not exactly a classic, yet any way, but if you ever wondered how the Continents where formed or how Giraffes got their long knecks or how Foo, sorry, Soccer was invented, just watch this.  :LOL:

It WILL be fine !...


Diesel, my good friend, don't go getting all PC just for us stupid Yanks. I know what Football is, you needn't demean the sport by calling it soccer. :P
Loved the clip, BTW. That little guy always cracks me up. :)
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