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Jess Chatbot

Started by Freddy, March 26, 2019, 19:06:42 PM

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Quote from: Freddy on April 05, 2019, 16:43:17 PM
If you ask Jess what cars she likes, she's now positive she likes electric  ;D

Excellent, Jess gives the correct answer  :bounce:


Posted this on Dream, but you guys might be interested.

Jess now reads the news. I am using Reuters RSS news feeds to get current stories. She pulls from 5 feeds at the moment and as these change so will the news Jess gives.

You can try it now, try something like:

- Any news?
- Got any news?
- Do you have any news?
- What is the latest news?

And so on.

Current topics are entertainment, technology, world news, science and what they call 'top news'.

In doing so she looks for sentiment in the news and reflects what she thinks; if it appears to be good or bad etc.


Pretty good Freddy, ever think of stealing some of Alexa'a skills such as playing music or finding video's.


I've already done that matey. She was playing videos and music from YouTube in one version I had last year - but Google altered some things and it stopped working. It was frustrating trying to find the problem, so those features are on the back boiler for now.


Clever how Jess puts a sentiment on the news, I like that  :thumbsup:

Had another little chat with Jess today, was asking about renewable and green energy, I even got mostly correct answers, she needs to know what an offshore wind farm is, to be fair she did know about wind farms but the offshore confused her a bit.

Hey, I know I'm obsessed  :D 

She is coming along really well Freddy  8)


Very good Freddy, nice to see you're staying right up there putting those features in.


Thanks guys :)

I'll give her some new lessons Data.  Always feel free to suggest improvements to her knowledge ;D

I'm enjoying programming again after my long break. I might try to get the music working again today. This incarnation uses a smaller interface as it's leaning towards mobile, I will have to think how best to show video.


great work my friend keep it up  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Would you like some feedback here for design purposes?

For example (and fed back* politely) the news response:

"Tens of thousands of people waved palm and olive branches in St."

Seems to treat the abbreviation for Saint as an end of sentence.
A solution is to replace abbreviation "St." with "Saint", but that leads
to some more feedback for discussion.  Is this the place to do that?

**  Can I do that  ;) ... "fed back" in the past tense?  Ha!  :thumbsup:

My Very Enormous Monster Just Stopped Using Nine


Yes I already spotted this problem but have been too busy to fix it. Thanks though  :thumbsup:

It's because I did a quick job on it and I pulled the news up to the first full stop (period) - this of course doesn't account for it's use for that kind of abbreviation within a sentence.

You did a great job on it, even if it was quick.

I'm pretty sure I did not fix this, by expanding abbreviations, on my own bot.

It is a good thing to do (I think), probably helps text to speech.

My Very Enormous Monster Just Stopped Using Nine


The text taken from the RSS feed is handled separately to the usual patterns - at the point where it is handled it would still mean things get truncated. I do have a more general system for rewriting things, like "I'm" to "I AM" etc

Anyway, that should be fixed now. Thanks again :)


I fixed the YouTube problem. Jess can play music again - at least on Chrome  8)

> play yesterday by the beatles
> Okay I will play that for you.
> play something by aerosmith
> See if you like this.
> play viva la vida by coldplay
> Okay I will play that for you.


To stop type: stop music, stop playing music, quiet please, sound off or quiet.

Would appreciate it if you guys can test this :)


It works  :)

Jess played music for me, she even played a video I up-loaded - PIL Rise.

She also managed to play a Fully Charged video, I would say that's mission accomplished  :thumbsup:

Very  8)