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Little Room

Started by sybershot, March 04, 2012, 17:27:25 PM

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Right now my desk area is cramped, I been thinking a lot lately that I need a bigger desk. But when I listen to this song, it makes me think twice  :scratch-head:


Interesting little tune, does make ya think, I think  :) 


yes it can make one think, I think as well   :P

E-notify sound worked  :thumbsup: I guess my pc wants to play games  today lol


Just to let you all know  :@-computer: I ended up buying a new desk  :banana:
Instead of buying one big desk that would be bulky to move, I brought one that is a little smaller and lighter to use in addition with my desk  :cheers:


Sounds good  :thumbsup:

I hope it adds to your overall bat cave experience, that's what Mrs Data calls the PC area in our house.


It's funny how Mrs. D describes your computer area in that fashion. A friend of mine said the same of mine, years ago, to which my (then) room-mate said "more like a Geek Cave", and from then on, the name stuck. This is the origin of Geek Cave Creations. :)
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The bat cave I like the sound of that :)
Geek Cave sounds great as well.
I have not come up with a name for
my computer area. maybe I should though
for it is decked out with all sorts of tech goodies :)

here is a image of the new desk, I will post the a pic of
both desks together once I finish setting up the area.


And both desks finally together  :D


Very nice and neat Syber, my bat cave has too many wires, Mrs Data doesn't like the wires, can't clean around them very easily.

The new desk looks excellent  :bounce:   


Thanks Data, yea wires are a pain. only thing wireless for me is my main rigs mouse. I still have some wire management left to do.

I'm doing the best I can to be more productive in such a little room. not an easy task  :P