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Max Headroom

Started by Data, October 18, 2012, 19:57:11 PM

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Who remembers Max Headroom or even knows about him?

Snowy and me would try to watch every episode on TV, Max was so cutting edge at the time people couldn't really work out what he was or how it was done.

Anyway I stumbled across him on Youtube and decided to change my avatar at the same time.


I liked him and every time I go to the shop I am reminded of him by the sign above the gravel car park entrance way 8)


Check out the Random Music Video's.  :thumbsup:
It WILL be fine !...


Here in the States, the only exposure to Max was through Coke commercials and a single movie. In fact, I wasn't aware that there was a television show with him in it, which is very odd because Matt Frewer is among my favorite character actors, mainly because of Max, but also because of his role as Jim Taggart in Eureka. :)

{example of the Max Coke commercials}

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when Max was on air MTV was actually the station to watch. Max was the so cool.


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