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Monaco in the wet F1 2010

Started by Data, October 08, 2010, 22:59:29 PM

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Been playing F1 2010 since it came out and wasn't finding it too hard, then it threw Monaco in the wet at me, in my underdeveloped car it was a nightmare, couldn't find my breaking points, chronic under and oversteer, outrageous visibility, impossible to play, basically fantastic  :D



This track is bad enough in the dry. Have you completed it in the wet?

1:16.odd is my best dry time so far in the Force India.
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I did finish the race and came 10th, I must admit I had to re-start a few times after some nasty crashes, but happy with 10th and the 1 point, not bad for the Lotus, early in the season its very undeveloped and seems to have a huge amount of understeer.

It was a race to remember but not one that I would like to repeat.  ???

Im not sure what my best time around Monaco is but I think it's around the 1:19 odd in the Lotus.