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My animated heads

Started by Freddy, September 05, 2014, 17:39:09 PM

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This is the latest work if anyone is interested. There's a topic for it at AiDreams :

I actually did this some months back but have only just got around to making the video.


Not quite singing the lyrics but like the northern accent.

Looking good too.
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Yeah looking good, the skin texture and lighting stand out, in a good way, the mouth movement is also synced well to the voice.   

She sounds like she's from "up t'north"  ;D but at the same time easy to understand, very clear voice, some voices are not so clear.


Thanks chaps  :D

Yep she is from up north, she still can't sing though  ;)

I'm glad the skin looks good to you. I need to work on the eyes a bit, but really at the moment it's all about mechanics more than cosmetics. I'd like to get that hair looking better, I have some other hair models I have yet to try, so hopefully one of those will be better.

Thanks for taking a look  :thumbsup:


Awesome, Freddy! I did notice, though, that the bust is cut off above the bust, but that's a minor thing (yes, Dave's a bit of a perv!) All in all, many multiple :thumbsup:
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Thanks Dave  :D  There is actually a whole body down there - it's just quicker to develop that way - ie not having to clothe her each time I try a new model or idea. I'm not sure if I will even do full body animations yet. For now it's just the head as far as animation goes anyway.


WOW!! great job Freddy, she looks great and one can tell a lot of work has been put into her.   :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Thanks Syber, yep a lot of work and thunking  :)