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My new websites

Started by sybershot, April 05, 2012, 14:15:05 PM

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Thought I would a video of what I have so far for my new website. I been designing buttons all night, still need to make some more along with rollover effects.


Look pretty snazzy and unique to me Syber  8), though the page seems very empty until you click or hover over something but I guess it isn't finished yet.

Much better than the template site you had before and certainly more potential  :thumbsup: 


Thanks Data for the compliments, I like it a lot better than the template as well.

This is just the main navigation framework for the website, so it does appear empty for there is no content as of yet, except for what is inside the side panels. hopefully I can finish up the nav buttons tonight, So I can start on the content area


here in this image you can the layout, looks less empty even though it is empty  :P


Ahh!, I see, your 3 Trinitys will be on the page  8)

Nice, keep at it  :sign-great-job:


thanks Data,
I showed elsewhere, I am trying to get close to this photoshop mock-up below for the main pages of each categories (home, forum, blog, videos, art, trinity) .
Though the css sometimes has not liked to play well with me  :P
I'm learning though and that is fun :)


Thought I would show an update.

I decided to use css3 transitions for the footer. you can see in the image the transition after the slide affect, while hovering over one of the 4 footer images.

I'm getting closer to being done with the layout coding :D
next up graphics for all those grey boxes and/or text/content  :thumbsup: