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Started by Data, October 27, 2013, 13:44:50 PM

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Remember the living room back in the 70s on a Sunday evening, after you've had your tea, which might have been a nice roast ?

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I don't remember Black Beauty being on Sunday evenings, for some reason I thought it was on weekdays, didn't really watch it to be honest but I remember the theme tune  :)

How about this, I liked the show, "computer" was my favourite character, ask it a question and it would print the answer out on a small piece of paper from the wall  ;D


I don't actually remember watching it, I think we turned over after the music stopped.  :LOL:

My Nan liked it I remember.

Space 1999 was great - I fancied the lady who could change form - with the funny eyebrows.

I made an Airfix model of their ships - thought it was so cool.


Necropost.  :hunting:

You might recognise the young lady being interrogated. HmM ?


I  "might", but I don't. It's neither Liz nor Maggie, and I'm pretty sure Kate wasn't even born when that was filmed, nor is it Liz Perreau or Mrs. Data (who were also not born yet when that was shot), so that exhausts the list of English women that I "know". :P
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Dave, made me laugh  :LOL:

I think I might know her, it's M before she got promoted to 007's boss.

I'm going for:
[spoiler]Dame Judi Dench[/spoiler]



Do folks remember this ? I only ever saw parts of Twin Peaks - I was too busy going to movies and gigs around that time and music occupied me the most. I will have to look for a box set and see what I missed.


I remember watching some Twin Peaks, it left me confused and disorientated, still not sure if I have fully recovered  :D


Twin Peaks plays on Hulu, I just came across the Matrix which I'm watching.



Remember this?

Sunday nights, bath time and hair washed, sitting all clean in front of the telly :)


Oh yes how could I forget that, great show of it's time  8)

I remember looking forward to watching it but it also meant I had school the next day and I really didn't like my school days, it summons up some mixed emotions for me.